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The Haddonfield Foundation Fosters Charitable Giving for Public Purposes within the Borough of Haddonfield and Among its Citizenry, to Promote, Maintain, and Enhance Our Quality of Life.

Haddonfield Foundation Publishes new website

The Haddonfield Foundation is pleased to announce the publication of their new website. The purpose of the website is to make the public aware of the numerous grants that have been provided by the foundation and to raise awareness and funds to continue their mission.

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Haddonfield Foundation Helps Markeim Art Center Solve Window Issue

Haddonfield Foundation Helps Markeim Art Center Solve Window Issue Published with Permission from Patch/Haddon; Anthony Bellano Haddonfield, NJ, June 29, 2016– The Haddonfield Foundation and The Markeim Art Center have come together to resolve a problem the art center has faced for the last 10 years. New energy-efficient and UV-protective windows were installed recently at […]

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Boxwood Arts receives grant from Haddonfield Foundation

The Haddonfield Sun. Article by Tim Ronaldson. December 16, 2016. The community group that is working to establish a theatre and cultural center on the site of historic Boxwood Hall has received a $5,000 grant from the Haddonfield Foundation. Boxwood Arts will use the funds to establish and maintain its capital campaign database. Dave Stavetski, […]

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