Friends of the Haddonfield Foundation

If money were not an issue, what would you like to see in our town? What would be your dream here, if we had the resources?

What would you like to see in Haddonfield?

Picture this really crazy idea – something that just couldn’t happen. Let’s say there is an old dump in the town. A really messy place where people have dumped trash for years. But someone comes up with the outlandish idea of turning the trash heap into a big park. Athletic fields. A playhouse for the little theatre. An area for people to spend Sundays playing and taking it easy. Hey, even a little farm area where people could grow flowers and even vegetables. What, all this in a trash dump? Welcome to Crows Woods!

What else could happen in Haddonfield? Look around you. So many things we now take for granted were once someone’s crazy idea.

What is the difference between dreams and reality? Very simple. Money. And that is what the Haddonfield Foundation is about. Challenging people to dream these wild dreams, and then work with us to make them happen. But we want to do even more.

We are starting now on an exciting new direction. We are creating a new, volunteers group, The Friends of the Haddonfield Foundation. Our job is to help the Foundation achieve its mission, and to help make Haddonfield Dreams come true.

Who is eligible to join the Friends of the Haddonfield Foundation?

Anyone who cares about Haddonfield. No matter who you are or where you live. If you are part of our community you have a place here.

How much time do you need to give to the Friends of the Haddonfield Foundation?

We are all busy. The Friends of the Haddonfield Foundation do not make demands on your time. It is up to you. If you have a dream you want to pursue here, if there is a cause in Haddonfield you want to help, if you want the best for your town, if you want a place for your children or grandchildren to enjoy, we are your place.

What does it cost to join?

There is no membership cost. But we do hope you will contribute to the Foundation.

Who picks the dreams that come true?

You do. The people in the town. The individuals who decide how much to give and what they would like to see happen. If someone decides that their legacy will be in Haddonfield to ensure a wonderful future for this special town, that is how it will happen. What is your dream? Add it to our list.

What is there to do?

There are many tasks and projects. Just as one example, we want to provide expertise and help for town non-profits on how to pursue grants successfully. We are also open to your ideas. There are many skills and talents that could help us. But just your thoughts, ideas, and any time you can give will help.

Who decides about grants from the Foundation?

If you make a gift and specify what it is for, then that is how it will be used. Otherwise, grant decision making is set by the Foundation’s founding documents. There is a board selected by key sectors of the town, and they in turn add a few others. The board has made and will continue to make grant decisions. The Friends of the Haddonfield Foundation can help gather information and help those who receive the grants, but the board has to make the selection decisions. Board members are always welcome to join the Friends of the Haddonfield Foundation.

What do you need to join?

Just give us your name and contact information.

Joe Murphy
Member of the Board, Haddonfield Foundation
856 278-1664