The Haddonfield Foundation

The Haddonfield Foundation Fosters Charitable Giving for Public Purposes within the Borough of Haddonfield and Among its Citizenry, to Promote, Maintain, and Enhance Our Quality of Life.

Haddonfield Dreamms

lf money were not an issue, what would your dream be for Haddonfield?

The Haddonfield Dreams initiative is brought to you by the Haddonfield Foundation. So many things around us that we now take for granted were once someone's crazy idea. Crows Woods, for example, was once a trash dump.  That is what the Haddonfield  Foundation  is all about-- Challenging  people to dream wild dreams, and then working together to make those dreams a reality.

A call to the community:
Go to Dream List to see the list of "Dreams" we've  collected  from the community  so far. Please be sure to add your own 'Dream" to the list!

A call to all artists:
Haddonfield Dreams: Reverie to Reality is the companion exhibition  to the Haddonfield  Dreams initiative and jointly sponsored  by the Haddonfield  Foundation  and the Markeim  Arts Center. Artists and photographers, submit your images and dreams of Haddonfield- both present and/or envisioned future. Entries will be due in late August. The exhibition runs from September 1 thru September 27, with a reception on September 11, 2015. Over $1,000 in cash awards. For more information, go to: